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Connecting Accountant's and Businesses

Bharat's AI Accounting Tool for Small Businesses

Alternative to Google Drive.

Connects with

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Finance Tool for

Multi-tasking Entrepreneurs



Dedicated Email for Organizations

Say goodbye to inbox clutter. Each organization gets its dedicated email.

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Streamline your incoming invoices with a common inbox for easy access.


AI Invoice

Extract invoice data with

our AI-powered Optical Character Recognition.



Seamlessly integrate with your favourite accounting software.



Stay compliant as all

invoices will be automatically reconciled with GST Portal.



Sync your bank and pay Vendors on a click, no

more pending payments.


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Create Invoice
with WhatsApp

Send sales invoices with a simple WhatsApp message.
Very handy!


Share a

Share a Link to Customer 

you need to receive payments from.


Auto Reminders
for Receivables

Never miss a receivable with automated reminders.

WhatsApp Invoices: The Modern Way to Invoice

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Simple Pricing

Coming soon..

Free till Beta Testing.

Our Blog

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Our Clients

Why entrepreneurs like BillOK?

What I saw on BIllOK is really amazing. Especially the understanding of entrepreneur's Painpoints, use of AI is really cool.

If you can extend usage of AI further, this tool will be supercool. 👍

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Vipin Patil

Chief Technology Officer - Ting Works LLP - Tech Leader, Start Up & Ecom.

  • What is the need for BillOK?
    Invoice Management Software helps businesses save time and money by streamlining the invoice management process. It eliminates manual processes, reduces paperwork, and eliminates errors associated with manual data entry. Additionally, it allows businesses to track invoices in real-time, so they can be sure they’re getting paid on time.
  • How much time it will save me as an Entrepreneur?
    All entrepreneurs have to focus on business and growth, gathering invoices at the end of day or month is a time consuming task for entrepreneurs. BillOK will help you save at least 24 hours a month.
  • How does BillOK work?
    BillOK is aiming towards paperless accounting solutions for all. BillOK allocates a dedicated email address ( to your organisation to receive the invoices at One Place. All emails received on BillOK are processed and files are extracted in the pending section from where you can categorise it and share with your team members.
  • Why should I use BillOK and not google sheet or excel
    BillOK is Smart Invoice management that works on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our AI model captures all the basic information required by you to approve, track, pay and collect. You as an entrepreneur only need to accept or reject the same. While using Google sheet and excel, you and your team have to manually feed each and every invoices and chances of errors are high.
  • Can I upload files manually?
    Yes you can upload files manually not that it should come through only through email.
  • Can I add custom tags?
    You can add custom tags and categories to each invoice to track easily.
  • Can I cancel at any time?
    Yes, you can cancel it anytime. Make sure you download all your data to your local drive before you make the cancellation.
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